Core values

Dependability-  Our clients can rely on us to do what we say we will. Our clients are our business and we want to be there to guide them through their legal issues with wit and grit.

Integrity-  Character counts. We strive to always maintain the highest ethical standards by doing everything honestly and with our client’s best interests in mind.

Compassion-  We genuinely care about our clients and their futures. We are understanding of the often stressful situations that they find themselves when they need our assistance. We have respect for people and their development. We honor the dignity of others.

Dedication-  We are committed to the highest quality work and professionalism in everything we do. We are committed to ensure that our clients make well educated decisions. 

Growth & Happiness- Our client’s successes are our successes. We want the people in our firm and our clients to continue to grow and find happiness. 


Mission & Vision

Mission: We are committed to providing excellent, compassionate client-centered legal services while maintaining the highest ethical standards. We provide expert legal guidance to assist our clients in making major life decisions for themselves and their families.

Vision: Be the go-to law firm for women facing family law issues in Nebraska. We are a law firm with a values-driven culture that provides its clients with expert legal guidance using the most appropriate dispute resolution to promote and foster healthy families, healthy communities and happy futures.