Celebrities Who Used The Collaborative Method

What do Robin Williams, Madonna, and Cameron Crowe all have in common? Besides being rich and famous celebrities, they have all utilized collaborative divorce—an increasingly popular alternative to a litigated divorce. While the dirty details of most celebrity divorces end up splashed across the pages of gossip magazines and websites, the relatively new process of collaborative divorce allows couples the opportunity to avoid a drawn-out, expensive and emotional court battle and find a mutually advantageous resolution.

Not to be confused with divorce mediation, when a neutral party is employed as a mediator, in a collaborative divorce the couple commits to avoiding litigation by working together with a team of professionals or specially trained attorneys to resolve their disputes. Without the threat of court on the table, both sides are able to advocate openly and honestly for their individual wants and needs, with the guidance of their attorneys and any other professionals who may help the process, such as child or financial specialists.

Additionally, the collaborative divorce process disqualifies the participating attorneys’ right to represent either one of parties in any future family related litigation—giving everyone involved an incentive to find collaborative, mutually respectful ways to sever the marriage.

Other benefits of collaborative divorce include:

  • Privacy

  • More control over divorce process

  • Setting a positive tone for the family’s future

  • Less money

  • Less time

Collaborative divorce is so much more than simply negotiating out of court. Just ask Robin Williams, who swears by the process and maintains fabulous relationship with his ex wife to this day. Said Williams during his 2008 divorce: “We will strive to be honest, cooperative and respectful as we work in this process to achieve the future well-being of our families. We commit ourselves to the collaborative law process.” Collaborative divorce is a holistic approach to the complex process of divorce that can preserve time, money, and the health of the entire family moving forward.

Article by:  Patrick Markey

Originally published on Collaborative Divorce Blog